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You Can Mutlply Your Time boundaries clarity effectiveness goal setting intentionality know your why priorities saying no schedules simple and deep tips strategies for success support system time management tribes Jul 30, 2021

Have you ever thought to yourself that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or felt overwhelmed at the tasks facing you? These simple and deep ways will help you multiply your time and effectiveness.

Clarify your goals and strategy

 Be very clear about your aims and ambitions, both...

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Burn the Bridge Back to What Broke You! accountability achieving addiction attunement boundaries brokeness burning bridges confidence discernment escape routes goals growing health moving forward narc abuse recovery no contact planning recovery relapse risks wise people Jul 16, 2021

What broke you?

Who broke you?

How would you get back to destruction, if you wanted to?


One of the keys to reaching your goals is to eliminate any escape routes. It is tempting to retreat to safety and comfort when challenges and difficulties arise. To avoid turning around and abandoning...

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