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What is Our Unhealed Developmental Trauma Costing Children?

  • Passing on trauma to children deprives them of deep security, connection, and thriving opportunities.

  • Insecure attachments can cause adverse outcomes, leading individuals to numb, dissociate, and carry pain throughout their lives.

  • Unhealed aspects of our own experiences can surface through behaviors and reactions, affecting the well-being of children.



David Newell
"Mr. McFeeley"  from
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"A wonderful guide into [the Neighborhood] and childhood. It is thoughtful and insightful."


Paul Lally
Former Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Director
 "Congratulations upon interpreting and furthering Fred's important work. You two are two birds of a feather."
Sonya Mack
Business Owner/Coach, Author, and mother of two
 "Teachers and parents (especially those of us who LOVE Mr. Rogers), this book is a must-have. I absolutely can't say enough about what I am learning."


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Frequently Asked Questions

I have witnessed the transformational power of engaging our stories of heartache; that's where the power is!


There was a time when I, too, felt as if I would never escape the emotional prison of my insecurities and reactions. Naming the brokenness-"insecure attachment" was the game-changer for me. I'm ready to show you the way to freedom.


Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M.

CEO/Founder of Simple & Deep ™

It's Time for Relief

The answer is simple & deep.

Everyone has a story, and mine led me down a path of self-discovery to secure attachment. Through my journey, I learned how to navigate the tumultuous waters of insecurity, self-sabotage, and behavioral addiction. But this wasn't a voyage I embarked on alone. By integrating my experiences and learning from them, I found relief— a simple, yet profound understanding of how attachment shapes our lives. Now, I dedicate myself to guiding women and children, helping them unravel their own stories at their pace. The journey may seem daunting, but together, we can find the answers and the solace you seek.



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Photos of Fred Rogers from the Lynn Johnson Collection. Used with Permission