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7 Benefits of Goal Setting benefits of best self choice clarity direction goal setting goals grow happy health motivation purpose resilience stress busters thrive Jul 23, 2021

I choose what and who I become by my own actions.  I am not limited or defined by what happened to me.


Why We Set Goals

  1. To give direction to life
  2. To make sure we are the ones choosing the direction of our life -- not others, not fate, not the media, etc.
  3. To motivate
  4. To make sure...
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Change Your Focus: Are You Tired of Being Stuck? attention change focus growth kindness mind-set moving forward perspective progress purpose unstuck Jun 25, 2021


Don’t dull the voice of your heart just to please your brain
As it swells into overthought and the desire to be right
Switch on the light of your inner lamp.
Listen to your heart so you can feel from your soul
Don’t discount your heart to make your logic fit.

― Christine Evangelou...

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