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What is Attunement?

attachment attachment styles attention attunement childhood trauma emotions mothering parenting teaching tips waiting for mister rogers Jul 23, 2021


How well do we enter the emotional experience of another, especially our children? 


Attunement is an intentional choice to remain present, open, and willing to contain the hard feelings of a child.  


It is through attunement that a child builds trust and autonomy. For children who have experienced developmental trauma building trust is essential and a process requiring persistence, grit, and determination.




In everything we do and say, our messages need to communicate...



We can also communicate through Non-Verbal attunement.

  •  touch
  • physical presence and proximity
  • willingness to wait until a child is ready
  • active listening
  • use sign language, smiles, nods, and winks, 
  • kind eyes and facial expressions



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