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Waiting for Mister Rogers Cover Reveal

attachment repair book launch parenting teaching tell your story waiting for mister rogers women Dec 16, 2022
mister rogers tying his shoes


I'm thrilled to reveal the cover for Waiting for Mister Rogers: Teaching with Attachment, Attunement, and Intention.

Writing a book is like giving birth slowly.

My goal for the cover was to showcase a photo from the Lynn Johnson Collection that I fell in love with while researching in the Fred Rogers Archive in 2019.

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the cover photo for my book, taken on location at the Trolley Museum in episode 1531. Fred Rogers takes the "Trolley" model to see various street cars throughout history, at last, driving one on his own.

People would come up to Fred Rogers on the street when they recognized his face and say, "Thank you for my childhood." He counted it an honor to go through life with "the face" that meant such a great deal to many people.

It was important to me that the cover of this work evoked feelings of home, hope, and relief at the face of Mister Rogers. Blue is the color of the walls in his television house and the blue sweater knitted he wore in the 1980s when many of us grew up watching him. It's the color I see him in if I close my eyes and "feel" him as a child.

I'd love to hear what you think.


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