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Waiting for Mister Rogers: A Long Awaited Arrival

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Discover Waiting for Mister Rogers: Teaching with Attachment, Attunement, and Intention. Now available everywhere, this masterpiece by the talented Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M., is ready to charm your minds and hearts. 

Meet the Visionary: Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M.


Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M. is a highly regarded author, esteemed educator, influential personality, and the proud owner of Simple & Deep TM. Her company is dedicated to guiding women toward understanding attachment, delving into their stories, and leading lives with purpose and intention. Edwards boldly declares that attachment forms the crux of adversity and violence and thus urges the need to heal the primal wound rather than merely addressing the symptoms. 

Years of grappling with behavioral addictions and self-sabotage led Edwards to a profound understanding of insecure attachment, a revelation that brought monumental changes in her life. With over two decades of experience in education, securing attachment was a transformative milestone in her life and professional practice, proving that knowledge is the key to unlocking potentials we're unaware of. 

 Lynn Johnson Collection, Used with permission

The Magic of Mister Rogers

The soul of this book lies in its inspiration from Mister Rogers.

When Edwards encountered a young boy in her classroom in 2018 who was consumed by emotional turmoil, she decided to prioritize attachment repair techniques. Using the popular show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, she witnessed significant behavioral improvements in the boy, from neural re-wiring to the development of secure attachment and improved social connections. 

Thanks to Wysteria's access to his personal papers in 2019, this magic awaits readers, offering the potential to transform relationships with children.

Why This Book Is A Must-Read

This work is a powerful concoction of Wysteria's devoted efforts, Mister Rogers' inspiring wisdom, and a revolutionary approach to education and parenting, with a strong emphasis on engaging our own childhood wounds and stories. 


An Enlightening Journey Awaits You

"Waiting for Mister Rogers: Teaching with Attachment, Attunement, and Intention" promises a journey of learning, understanding, and personal transformation. So, are you ready for this transformative journey? Grab your copy today and embark on a new adventure.

Keep growing, keep learning, and until next time, happy reading!






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