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Re-thinking Recovery: An Interview with Coach, Crystal Fedeli

alcohol alcohol use disorder coach interview narc abuse recovery podcast guest simple & deep podcast simple & deep tm community Sep 01, 2023

Crystal Fedeli is an established Alcohol Recovery Coach, aiding women globally to regain control over alcohol.

She dedicates herself to helping these women craft fulfilling lives where each day is anticipated with joy.

Crystal's mission revolves around guiding her clients through the vast landscape of available treatments, enabling them to define their unique recovery goals.

She assists in aligning these ambitions with the most suitable treatment path, providing resources and support throughout their journey.


To learn more about Crystal's work and her coaching, visit her website:

She also offers a FEE gift on the podcast: 3 Ways to Claim Your Power Over Alchohol

Listen to our interview with Crystal by clicking on the image below. It will challenge your views on alcohol recovery, for sure!

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