I help women overcome insecure attachments and embrace their stories to live fulfilling and intentional lives.  Each part of our story uniquely reveals the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus.  There is something about God that you are meant to display to the world.  Your story is God's story.




Creating digital courses and content to help you and overcome insecure attachments, fostering a deeper connection to those you love and serve.

Guiding you as you embrace your story as a way God reveals Himself to the world.

Simple and Deep Podcast

Waiting for Mister Rogers: Teaching with Attachment, Attunement, and Intention


My Story

After living a decade with a behavioral addiction, I shattered.  God was there,  however, I had to do the work.  Owning our story is brave Through endless journal entries, counseling appointments, and returning to broken places, I learned a simple and deep truth: time doesn't heal broken attachment. 

Insecure attachment affects how we see the world and ourselves. It's the reason we allow toxic people to stay in our lives and why boundaries are difficult to create.  

The great news?  Our brains can heal, we can re-parent ourselves, and earn secure attachment.  I did!  You can too.  

Insecure attachments also affect our relationship with a Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

My journey eventually led to implementing attachment repair strategies in my Kindergarten classroom (as a response to childhood trauma), and the work of Fred Rogers.  In 2019, I was given the opportunity to work with his personal papers and will be releasing a book, Waiting for Mister Rogers in 2022. 

I am passionate about using my story of restoration and repair with educators and women to lead to greater depths of wholeness and intentional living. 

We all need to be heard, seen, and loved. 

"The greatest gift we can give the world is our honest self."

-Fred Rogers