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Four Classics Plays for Kids by Don Freeman

Adapted for the stage by Wysteria Edwards



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Dovey Coe

Adapted by Wysteria Edwards, Book by Francis O'Roark Dowell

This poignant story centers on a 12-year-old on trial for murder. A look at our bias and what we will do for those we love.  Set in North Carolina in the 1920s.


The Disappeared

Award-Winning /Off-Broadway Workshop, NYC, Chicago, and The Blank Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

Adaptation by Wysteria Edwards Book by Gloria Whelan

Silvia's brother, Eduardo, has Disappeared, and she won't stop fighting until she finds him. Norberto, the general's son, is just foolish enough to help. He'll fall in love with her, and then he'll ask his father to set Eduardo free. At least that's the premise on which Silvia bases her scheme. In chapters alternating between Silvia's and Eduardo's perspectives, acclaimed author Gloria Whelan gives voice to the families who struggled to survive in 1970s Argentina - and to the many who still, today, remain Disappeared.



Adapted by Wysteria Edwards, Book by Kathryn Erskine

A Memory Play

Mockingbird is a beautiful story about Caitlin- a 10-year-old with Aspergers who is trying to find closure after her brother dies in a school shooting. Modern-day Setting.


Belle Prater's Boy

Adapted by Wysteria Edwards

Book by Ruth White

Newberry Honor Award Winner, 1997

Everyone in Coal Station, Virginia, has a theory about what happened to Belle Prater, but twelve-year-old Gypsy wants the facts, and when her cousin Woodrow, Aunt Belle's son moves next door, she has her chance. Woodrow isn't as forthcoming as Gypsy hopes, yet he becomes more than just a curiosity to her-- during their sixth-grade year she finds that they have enough in common to be best friends. Even so, Gypsy is puzzled by Woodrow's calm acceptance of his mother's disappearance, especially since she herself has never gotten over her father's death. When Woodrow finally reveals that he's been keeping a secret about his mother, Gypsy begins to understand that there are different ways of finding the strength to face the truth, no matter how painful it is.


Original Plays

Broken Thread

UrbanTheater Company premiered in Chicago, IL in 2008.

In a rare collaboration between the Chicago FBI and the arts, they joined forces not once, but twice in history. The first occurrence was the movie "Public Enemy" featuring Johnny Depp, and the second was their recent partnership.

Mrs. Murphy's Porch

The performance premiered at the University of Akron in Akron, OH, and went on to captivate audiences in various states including NC, TX, and WA.

Listen to Me

Columbia Basin College 

One-Act Play Reading

Location: Pasco, WA