Create a Safe and Secure Learning Environment with Waiting for Mister Rogers

Evidence-Based Practices for Educators 


Comprehensive Framework for Teaching

Waiting for Mister Rogers provides educators with a comprehensive framework for teaching. Wysteria Edwards provides an array of research-backed and evidence-based practices to foster attachment, attunement, and intention. This approach to teaching gives educators the tools they need to build strong relationships with their students and help create and sustain a safe and secure learning environment.

Research-Backed Strategies

The practices outlined in Waiting for Mister Rogers are based on research and evidence. Edwards provides practical strategies grounded in research to help educators build strong relationships with their students and foster an environment where students can thrive. With these tried and tested strategies, educators can create a classroom where students feel valued and supported.

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Readers can get a taste of what's in store with the free chapter sample of Waiting for Mister Rogers. In this chapter, Edwards outlines the importance of creating safe and secure learning environments for students and gives readers a glimpse into the comprehensive framework for teaching included in the book.

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