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Every day, children enter classrooms crying out for love and relief. Waiting for Mister Rogers reveals a Kindergarten teacher's journey to find answers for the broken children entering her classroom—and the wounds in her own heart—through the personal notes, speeches, and writings of Fred Rogers.


Many moments of adversity, violence, and suffering can be traced back to broken attachments in childhood. These early attachment wounds follow children into adulthood, often damaging their interpersonal relationships.


Where the world offers shallow and complex solutions, the gentle work of Mister Rogers models simple and deep ways to heal insecure attachment. Waiting for Mister Rogers, answers questions of personal development and connection for anyone seeking support, such as:


  • What do children need to be securely attached?

  • How can teachers heal their wounds to be fully present, intentional, and effective with their students?

  • Could a students be triggering a teacher’s own childhood trauma?

  • Can teachers go deeper while doing less?


It's time to remember childhood, return to the Neighborhood and teach with attachment, attunement, and intention. It’s time for Waiting for Mister Rogers—he was right all along!



What do all children need to be securely attached? 

How do we earn secure attachment?

Listen to my Interview with Former Director of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Paul Lally on my podcast.  What was it like to be a close friend of Fred Rogers?  Come listen and find out for yourself.