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Hope Fully: a Guest Post/New Book Release

It is such a pleasure to introduce you to my fellow Hope Writer, Amie Beth. She is releasing her new book on October 1st! It is a beautiful, vulnerable work! Enjoy her post!

There are messes in life that we make for ourselves and messes that come barging in without permission. It isn’t so much how the mess arrives that shapes our life, but how we respond.

I could have allowed self-doubt and shame to be my life anthem. I could have lived in the messy places and made them my home.

But then I found something better to wrap my arms around. 

As you settle in to read my story you'll be met with vulnerability– and a lot of it! I honestly share about my life as a Jesus–loving woman suffering in an abusive marriage, enduring multiple miscarriages, navigating a difficult divorce and custody battle, and learning to live in the lonely places that followed. But I also take you on a journey to discover the hope that hid in my heartache, and how I managed to hang on to that hope at every turn.

Hope isn't just a feeling; it's the gift of a loving God who meets us in our mess.

He met me in my mess. He will meet you in yours, too. 

Hope Fully by Amie Beth 

Want to connect? Here’s where to find Amie: 

Blog: www.amiebeth.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/amiebethwrites

Facebook: www.facebook.com/amiebethwrites

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