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Focus on One

Hey, you!

Are you multi-tasking?

Who told you that was good for your brain?

It's not!

In his book, BRAIN RULES, John Medina encourages "Do one thing at a time." In his chapter devoted to ATTENTION, he gives suggestions of using a hook to hold the attention of an audience during a presentation, and divide presentations into 10-minute segments.

Businesses and schools praise multitasking, but research clearly shows that it reduces productivity and increases mistakes.

Episode 4 of my podcast is all about the power of focusing on one thing at a time.

And, what about discipline?

It takes discipline to stick to one task and do it well.

We recently watched DISCIPLINE Week on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood in Kindergarten.

Every time I watch Mister Rogers talk about his devotion to swimming I am inspired.

Gain 2 tips to be more effective this week on this new episode. Who doesn't want to be more effective?

Taking our time is a gift we give ourselves, and others.

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