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Episode 5: "What is a Troubled Child?"

Simple and Deep Podcast is proud to bring you another interview with author Michael McKnight. His newest release is FANTASTIC!

McKnight is currently an educational specialist for the New Jersey Department of Education working in the Cape May County Office. Michael works closely with the county's 16 school districts and is involved with a wide range of school district issues.

Before joining the department of education, Michael had 23 years of experience in schools. He was a special education teacher for 13 years, working and learning emotionally and behaviorally troubled adolescents. He taught in 3 states: Pennsylvania, Arizona & New Jersey. Michael also was an administrator at Atlantic County Special Services School District for 10 years and was responsible for the programming for troubled students, ages 5 thru 21 years, removed from the local school district.

Michael has a passion for creating and supporting Reclaiming Environments for "at-risk" children and youth as well as the adults who serve them. He currently provides professional development to schools. His current focus is joining with schools to create school-level "Resiliency Teams," focusing on school districts working with children and youth who carry into school toxic levels of stress. The resiliency teams are designed to turnkey training in schools and move them toward becoming trauma-responsive.

Michael is a senior trainer for the Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) Institute. LSCI is an advanced therapeutic strategy for helping challenging students.

He has been involved with program and staff development for over 35 years.

Michael, along with his colleague and friend, Dr. Lori Desautels, is the co-author of 2 books:

Unwritten- The Story of A Living System about school transformation and their most recent work

Eyes Are Never Quiet- Listening Beneath the Behaviors of Our Most Troubled Students

Michael is also an adjunct professor at Stockton University, teaching Inclusive Learning in Education.

He views himself, not as an expert, but as a learner and a teacher who has always enjoyed building strength-based cultures with others (Bio. Source).

I know you will love this conversation with my newest friend.


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