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/Gg/ is for Gracie Eating Garbage...

Hooray, for the letter /Gg/!

G is for grapes, goose and gash....

then the ZOOM call hears Gracie eating the trash!

Yes, friends, the moment you think you are effective, your German Shepherd pulls out the kitchen trash to feast. Why not? I only have 22 children waiting for me to impart wisdom and letter instruction. Ugh! Dogs are super helpful, aren't they?

What is the message to all of us from my special helper above?

Laugh! We take ourselves way too seriously. When we plan, life shows up...or Grace, in my case.

My Kindergarteners thought it was hilarious! Maybe my dog can read, she waited for the letter /g/, after all....hmmm.:)

This year isn't going to be normal, folks. Let's just embrace it, and look for the silver linings. The glass is half full, and it won't be like this forever.

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